[Android] App Update 0.0.16

[Android] App Update 0.0.16

New update :

  • Fixed the bug wich was causing a crash when the application was launched.

Nouvelle mise à jour :

  • Correction du bug qui pouvait provoquer un crash au lancement de l’application.

Good morning,

I cannot configure my sensors.
Actually the app does not show the configuration button and it’s not possible to do anything unless sign up.

There’s a screenshot of the app:

There 's a Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017)
Android version 8.0.0



You have to click on the button “0 Sensor(s)” to connect your sensor.
When a sensor is connected you can configure all the app.

Please keep us posted whether it works.


When I click on “0 sensor(s)” button, location menu opens at my phone. Then, when I go back to connexions, I go to bluetothh and search for the senstrokes, a note appears telling me that Senstroke have rejected the vinculation with my phone.

Also is impossible to come back to the app and I have to close it from my phone and open it again.

I’m looking for that issues, I come back to you when I solved that.
Do you try to set the location to high and comeback to the app after ?


Since android 6.0, for use bluetooth, user need to activate location in High accuracy.

Screenshot_20181120-101408 Screenshot_20181120-101414

Can you try that please ? That should solve the problem.

Please keep us posted whether it works.

Can confirm, same issue with my Samsung A5

Edit says your solution fixes the problem.

Hello @Xris_Wraith ,

If the app crash again in v0.0.16 can you look at that : [Android] Look that if the app crash

This has solved the problem for some people.

Please keep us posted whether it works.


Finally I could try what you said and it works!

Now I can start to enjoy senstroke.



Great news ! Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback.