5a stick broked my sensor :(

5a stick broked my sensor :(



Just got 2 sensor for xmax and im trying to set it up, but dosnt work. Also i bought 5a sticks and one of the sensor during the night when i left on the stick just got broken itself. I m deeply disappointed because the stick came from a friend who is a professional drum player so im sure i got the right one. Can you guys please change it or something please?

On iOS i can use the app and even calibrated the sticks but when i m trying to calibrate the drums its just not working. No sound coming from the drums.

So do i need any special stuff to use it? Like the practice pad? Because i dont have it, thanks.
Im an artist and i wanna use for my live sets:

many thanks


Sorry for the troubles.
For the broken sensors, could you please send us an email with photos at :
Support@redison.zendesk.com please?

Concerning the troubles with you phone, could you create a topic in the appropriate category( Senstroke app) with your smartphone setup (Os, model etc …) so the community and us could help you easier.