5A sticks way too big

5A sticks way too big


it works with 7A 5vic Firth)
not on 5A…


Really? I have them here , too and found it nearly impossible to ‘slide’ the sensors on the stick. Did you need a lot of force to put them on? I finally didn’t dare to push them too harsh :slight_smile:


Neamh I used a lot of force. I do a lot of martial arts and have been told by instructors my hands are unusually strong too. I’ve emailed support but also here attached a pic of the broken bodywork from twisting a 5A sized stick. My sensors are now sitting on 7A Vic Firths but I really had to twist and shove them on too.


Hello Neil,
Our customer service department has normally contacted you.


Merci Jérôme yes they have :+1:


Mmh, the sensors are fitting on my VIC FIRTH 5A.
Ok, I think not everybody will get them on, it was a combination of hard power-pushing and spinning and I was also very afraid of breaking the sensors but for luck they fitted on at least.


Pareil pour moi, sur 5 paires de baguettes différentes, impossible de faire passer le capteur sans risquer de l’endommager. Je vais me racheter une paire de baguettes. Est ce qu’il y a un modèle (pas cher) qui est conseillé, avec lequel on est sûr que ça passe?



Les 7A devraient bien aller


A7 don´t fit.


Your 7A on the photo seems to be bigger than 5A model from Vic Firth ?
By the way, I confirm that 7A (Vic Firth model) will work with the sensors. It’s not easy to slide I agree, but if you follow the note (we recommend to rotate the stick at the same time as the sensor slides.) you will succeed.
Tell me




J’ai pris des 7A de la marque Stagg, ça fonctionne en y mettant un produit lubrifiant. Merci