App and bluetooth

Do I have to have the Senstroke app running to be able to use the sticks with Garageband ?
I tried to connect the sensors using Bluetooth on my iMac mini and my Macbook. Both did not connect. On my iPad I only see the sensors in the Bluetooth list when the app is running. My conclusion is that in order to use the sensors the app has to be active ?

On my iPad the sensors are disconnected when the app stops. The even disappear from the bluetooth list. This is not the behaviour of other Bluetooth devices. They can be connected without an app and stay in the list as “disconnected” when I turn them of (for instance an iLoud speaker).

Hi @Momantai
In order to run the Senstroke with Garageband, you have to :

  • Connect your sensors in the Senstroke app
  • Configure your play area
  • Shut down the Senstroke app
  • Open Garageband
  • Go to “settings”, then go to “advanced”, then to “Bluetooth MIDI devices”.
  • Connect your Sensors

You can then choose your drumkit and play !
If you need more informations, we have a tutorial here :
Let us know if it works :slight_smile:

Ah, yes it works on my iPad. I can play with the sticks in Garageband even when the Senstroke app is off.

But not on my laptop or Mac mini (both Apple OSX devices). The sensors won’t connect to the Bluetooth on these. They don’t show up in the BT connection lists. I suppose the OSX Bluetooth doesn’t “see” the sensors ?

You have to connect them before directly to your Mac before run Garage Band,
Here is a tutorial (not made by our team, it"s another project) :

I looked at different instruction video’s about Bluetooth, MIDI and Apple OSX.
My problem is still there. The sensors connect to IOS devices (iPhone, iPad) but not to OSX (Macs). I run OSX 10.14, the latest OSX version. The sensors are simply not seen by the computer. Has it something to do with the Bluetooth version ? In some instructions they say it has to be Bluetooth LE (low energy).
Other devices like the “Blackstar Tone:link” work fine on my Macs. That’s why I think the problem is in the sensors, not my computers.

I’ve got the same version of Apple OSX and play with it.
I will post a full tutorial and hope that will resolve your problem


Ok, I don’t give up easely so I tried figuring out what was going on in my computer.
Guess what… I fixed it.
For some reason it ran 32-bit Bluetooth/Midi drivers. Those drivers are not capable of using Bluetooth LE. I managed to change that to 64-bit driver and voilá, the Senstrokes are now connected and Garageband produces sounds when I hit something.

Thanks for your help and patience.

Good news !
Hope that you will enjoy your play

Do you think you will be showing how to set out with Logic pro X

Yes of course, we will do that !

Hi iPhone 6s Plus with up to date software

Do you have an Iphone or an Android phone?