Disapointing start.... :-/


I got my senstrokes and was very excited about it. Tried it out, but ran into some problems. Connection and callibration of the senstrokes works for me, but is very buggy, often error messages come up. Recalibration only works if i disconnect and restart the senstroke AND the app. That’S kind of annoying :-/

When setting up the drumkit, i often get an error about connecting to the sensor. but after some tries it works. :-/

The biggest Problem however is, that I can’t set up the drumkit in a way that would allow playing. I followed your setup guide (https://www.senstroke.com/senstroke-setup/) about the defining of the play areas, but still the left and right hand sticks play different sounds at random. sometimes the hi-hat area playes the snare sound, sometimes it changes after 5-10 strokes to another sound. It does not seem as if the play areas are configured correctly, although i followed your instructions. :frowning:

can you give me some advice about that?

best regards!

Yes I am experiencing sometimes the same. Although it is only happening for me with the sensor on the left stick. I used different sensors for the left hand to see if it is the sensors fault but there seems to be some problems with calibration.
I guess the calibration of the areas is dependend somehow on the angle of your sticks. I already experienced that if I change how I hold my sticks the sound changes as well.
Some more insight how the area calibration works would be really cool!

@rlndwgnr could you please give us your smartphone model ?

Do you have a capture screen for that please ? I’m not sure to understand.

Concerning the areas, if both you have some troubles with your left hand I think you are left-handed right ? as @Dodger said, the angles of the sticks are really important when you define your hitting zones. You have to keep in mind that our product is really close with the setup of a real drumkit.
The zones are different, and normally, if you play with a 4 elements kit for example (hi-hat, snare, bass drum and ride for example), the angle made by your drumstick is really different because you’ve got your hi-hat on the left, the snare in the middle and the ride on the right.
You can for sure add more element, and enjoy the vertical angles too (like an alto tom for example). On the setup page, you probably saw our silent drum. As you can see the zones are really close but the angles different when you hit the center of each pad.

For example, here is a 3 zones kits. As you can see, the angles are difrerents.

We will make a video of the full tutorial to explain how to do it more easily.

We suggest you to try with two elements for example, and then when you understand you can add a third one etc …

Hope that help !