Feedback 1st setup

Feedback 1st setup


Dear all,
I just received you package on Tuesday and try it out yesterday. I want to give you some feedback. It works a little bit, but not satisfying. The App and the package is quit „clean“. No manual or something like that. I think it is due the fact that you are working in/with this product over years and you are fully in this topic, but for me - I am technically skilled - it is too few described. I can fully understood your, but maybe some more descriptions would help. Questions I had by using this product the first time.
Step by step, what is going on and why. Do I have to connect the sensors again, when I put the off? When do I have to calibrate? Do the sensors/sticks have to be always on the same place when the drums set is configured? For me it is not fully clear and there is room for improvement. Maybe take some new guy and watch him by using this at the first time, then the gaps will be visible.
Short feedback to the package: looks and feel good. The quality of sensors is good, one is rattle - why? One stripe for the foot was still cracked. No manual. And one last question, why do I have 5 sensors?
So a lot words but all feedback is good. Cu and I am looking forward to your feedback!


Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Could you give us more details about that please ? Why do you said that is only working a little bit ?

We totally agree. We have to join to our box some explanations (specially a short manual) and more in the app too. By the way here is our setup guide : and next week we will share a video tutorial too.

Some sensors have some trouble with the button. The plastic fixation is a little bit too small so when you shake it that make noise.

Could you post a photo please ?

You ordered on Kickstarter right ? I think you forget but during the campaing we offered a free sensors to all the standard packs.

Don’t hesitate to share us you demo sessions :slight_smile:



I got the sensors today and here is my first impression. I have an iPhone SE with IOS11.2.

I took a 4-sensor kit on Kickstarter and got a box with the 4 sensors in it (not 5).

After letting charging 2 of them for more than 3 hours, I made my first tests today and ran the calibration process as recommanded. This worked well for me and ghen I started to setup the snare drum to begin. No problems so far. Then I tried to setup 2 toms, after some tries, the app told me they’re ok. Physically, I followed your instructions for the correct positionning of the elements.

But when I first started playing only a few times there was a sound coming. Even the hihat sometimes appeared on the snare, or a tom in place of the snare.

So I restarted callibrating the sensors, and then just configured a snare drum. I took some reconfigurations before the snare answered on every hit.

I will give it another try the next days after updating the ios to 12, also with sensor 3&4.

Whats very good is the latency, once it runs! Great job!
But the dynamic range is not very big. If I play very quiet, its ok, but the maximum is achieved way to fast in my opinion.

Another question I have is: the device running the app, must it stay untouched at the same place during use with the sensors?
What would be also good is that if I just configure a snare drum, it should be impossible to hear another instrument like a hihat or a tom.

Kind regards!


Thanks for your feedback.

=> Don’t hesitate for force angles during the setup, even if when you’ll play you play more naturally. Here is an example on how you can do that : Here is a little gif for a 3 elements drum kit :[](gif for a 3 elements drum kit :

That’s strange, a one element kit have to work without any calibration. Maybe some others app were running in background into your phone ?

Thanks ! We agree for the dynamic range. We suggest you to test with Garageband, sure you’ll love it.

Yes, that’s better for a multiple elements drumkit. If you hit only 2 elements you can move without any problem.

If you setup only the snare, that should be the case.

Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback again !