Feedback on App / Calibration not working


I have tested the app on an iPhone 7 and an iPad Mini4 (both running IOS 12.1) and on a Samsung A5 with Android 7.

Calibration won’t work on both. On Android, I get a message ‘Error during configuration’. On IOS I got simply no response. Just the option to tap on Cancel or Ignore.

Tapping ‘Ignore’ on IOS runs (literally) through the calibration steps and then states ‘Calibration successful’ which it is obviously not.


Did you suceed the first step of the calibration? Where you have to put the sensor on a table and just have to wait?


No, there is no response from the app to do anything. Just a picture of the sensor, some flashing points and two rings turning. Below just two options to either tap ‘Cancel’ or ‘Ignore’.
Cancel leads back to the previous page and Ignore ‘seems’ to do something but so rather quick that you cannot even read what happens. Then it leads also back to the previous page and gave a message: Calibration succeeded’ (or similar).

Could you try again with IOS please?

  • turn On one sensor
  • connect it to the app
  • put it on a stable surface, without any vibrations
  • launch the calibrate program
  • wait 5-10sec and see if the first step suceed

Finally, I got it working on the iPhone at least.
It would be really nice to have a bit more explanantion on the first calibration screen about what you should do exactly to calibrate.

Yes we agree. We will update the app with more explanations.
Thanks for the idea :slight_smile: