Great concept, but no good with Android :(

Senstroke is a great concept, really, and I was excited to try it. But I’m on android and sadly, after trying a few devices I can see that the latency is just too long to make it work for real drumming practice. I even tried it with a Raspberry Pi with a super-low-latency sound card (Pisound) but that’s still just a little bit too slow (plus the angle-to-midi-note function didn’t seem to be working very well, but I didn’t go any further with that problem).

Not a complaint really, it’s to be expected. My own view is that you should specify an iOS device in the hardware requirements.

Hi soxsa and thanks for your feedback.

You can use Senstroke both on Android and iOS devices. Some Android phones, unfortunately, don’t dispaly an audio technology powerful enough to ensure a low latency. You can check the list of low latency devices here: and even check the latency before buying, following these steps:

Feel free to reach out the the customer support through the dedicated form in the website if you require assistance in your use of Senstroke.

Have a great day.

Thank you for the info, that’s helpful. Unfortunately it confirms what I found - the latency on iphones and ipads is generally around 10ms or less, it’s up around 50ms minimum for android devices. I see the table is round-trip (mic to output), so the latency with senstroke might be less than that. But in practice it’s too long - for me anyway. That said, it definitely worked on android to a certain level and might be ok for beginners learning single strokes. I know this issue is not your fault and there’s nothing that you can do with senstroke itself to fix it, so as I say, not a complaint. It was worth a try, but I’m returning mine.