Hi-hat cannot be configured

Hi, I received the goodies in good order, thanks !
I calibrated the sensors, no problem. Configuring for the sticks (hi-hat, snare), no problem. Configuring Bass drum, no problem.

But the hi-hat pedal is strange. I chose Hi-Hat pedal but the list then says double bass pedal. Also the other way around. Ok, I made the list to say “Hi-hat”. But now it wants me to use left and right hand sticks ?? The setup description says it should ask me for pedal down/up. But Ok, I use my sticks and the setup accepts this.
But when I use the Play function (after configuration) my left foot acts as a stick hit on the hi-hat not as open/close.

Something wrong in the setup software ? It uses a sticks procedure instead of a pedal setup ?

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We have found a bug in the firmware of the sensor. That’s our fault.
We will give you the possibility soon to update it and fix the problem.


Firmware has been updated
but I think the problem is not here.

When we configure the drum kit, we can’t access the hi-hat pedal. It’s covered by the “already configured elements” menu.


Yes that depend of the resolution of your screen. Next week we will update the app and move the text somewhere else.

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When I try to configure sensor on hi hat left foot I got “laftfootmissingmessage” on iPhone there is a menu stick around left pedals so for my left foot on hi hat I do need to define sensor as hh cymbals

Could you share us a snapshot of your screen with this message please ?