How to setup sensors as Shaker

Hi guys, i would like to know if there is any suggestion to use the sensors as “Shaker controller”, because keeping them on hand do not “activate” any movement.

I thought to an aluminium profile and let them rattle inside, but i don’t know if any damage can occour.

Hi Sharkey,

Thanks for your message.
What is your idea of how to use the sensors? I’m not sure I understand :slight_smile:
Sensors need impacts to work. You can set the sensitivity of the sensors very high so that the micro vibrations are well retranscribed.

Thanks for quick reply.

My idea is to use two sensors as controller for shaker samples on a MPC Akai Drum Kit.

while Kick drum and HitHat pedal works fine still some doubts on the other two

do i need to build up a “shaker box” to fit the sensors in?

i got this thought because keeping them on hand seems not giving “impact enough”

also i would like to understand how settings works on sensors:

  • the sensitivity settings are written on sensors or on app only? so i would need to open app, calibrate, configure and then move them on MPC?

  • after calibration, how long it reside on sensors?


That could be a good idea and really cool.

=> Into the sensors. Once you have setup your drumkit and sensivity, all the settings are inside the sensors so you are free to use it without connecting it to our app

That’s really depend ! We recommend to make the calibration before each drum session, that really fast to do.


thanks Jerome,

do you think a “shaker box” should contain sensors moving inside (as the “seeds” of a shaker)


the sensors should be “beated” by something (i thought to an aluminium bar) as attached picture?

My pleasure !

This is the best option, you do not have to beat the sensor with something. You can test by putting the sensors into your 2 hands and shaking it :wink:

i thought about that but often nothing happen keeping them on hand also with very MUSCLE movement…

Maybe because the sensor do not recognize the hitting zone. If you need only one midi sound, I suggest you when you setup the sensor to hit the surface at 3 differents directions (like north east and west, because if the sensor is flipping on itself he can’t know which zone is it.

what you mean exactly for " recognize the hitting zone" ?

kick drum sensor is different from the other?

No the 4 sensors are all the same.
I mean, if you use one defined as a right or left hand you can setup its hitting zones

Got it!!!

The calibration works only on sensitivity or also hitting zone?

Is there any Mac software instead of iOS app for setup?

The calibration is important to properly detect impacts and sensor position.
There is no Mac Senstroke app at this time.


MIDI notes can be changed or they are fixed?

You can assign to the sensors the midi note of the drums thanks to the app, but you can’t edit them manually like a DAW.
If you want to change the midi mapping, you need to work with a DAW.