Internet connection and position

Internet connection and position


Hi there.
I happily received my senstroke this week and couldn’t wait to test it. First test at home was ok, I didn’t really know about how to calibrate and setupnthe areas.
Second test in my practice room was abysmal.

  1. Why do I need internet connection to even start the app? What happened to play everywhere? I understand user settings etc. I don’t understand why I can’t play if I’m not online? That’s totally uncalled for and limits the whole thing to the point of uselessness.
  2. What is the positioning used for? Why does it need to be turned on?
  3. I get the sensors on the sticks need to be firmly attached for a good feedback. Why the wobbly foot attachment?
  4. After I signed in (since it needs to be online, I went outside) i went down into the cellar to practice. The whole app wasn’t really working. Sensors connected but didn’t calibrate, playing didn’t work.
    I’m really disappointed right now. What is your stance on all this? I had high hopes for the complete set and still want to feel good about it.
    Thank you, Chris


Hi Chris,

Before our answer, we need to know which is your smartphone model please ?


Sure. It is a Samsung A5



Because unfortunately Android do not allow big app. And as you know, sounds files are big. So first you need to download them.

Android system too. We do not use it, but for the Bluetooth device Android requires it

You can use our straps or fix them as you want on your feet. That does not matter if it’s a little bit wobbly on the feet, only the impact is needed here, that less precise than the sticks.

What do you mean when you said “Sensors connected but didn’t calibrate” ? Not sure to understand. If these place is really different from the place where you made the initial calibration (more metal surface, more electronic stuff) you need to do a new calibration.

Let me know please


Well, but there’s absolutely no need to download them each time, on the contrary downloading it again and again is a waste of bandwidth. Just once is enough. You can just put the sound files locally, apart of the app. So I don’t see the point. On the contrary it leads to the whole contraption of sensors and app to be be near useless in some areas. Cellar, subway, in the country, to name a few.
Why are the feet less precise than hands? Doublebass drumming needs precision, too. But this is a minor thing compared to the rest. More of curiosity here.
Last paragraph: I meant I could connect the sensors. I could click on calibrate and then nothing happened anymore. But I was in the cellar at that point, so maybe the internet connection is needed to calibrate, too?
Thanks again.


Hello Xris_Wraith,

The app don’t need connection if you are already log into the app.
Every time you launch the app, you have a loading bar, it’s not a download, it’s juste a verification about the sound file in the app.

For the location, we have to activate it since android version 6.0. It’s an obligation by google/android, we do not use the location to retrieve the position but only to use Bluetooth in the application. If we can use bluetooth without location we just don’t use it.

If you are already connected, you can close and open it again with aircraft mode.
You can use bluetooth and location too. All the app can be use without any connection.

I just test the app, the calibration and the configuration for play in aircraft and i don’t have any problem.

Do you test with the latest version of the app ?
For the calibration,
Can you explain exactly what’s going on?
The first step fail or you can’t open the calibration ?

For the play,
Can you explain what’s going on too ?



wobbly foot: Don’t let the sensor wobbling outside, Dude! Just turn the strip inside out and locate the sensor INTO the strip, So you get maximum connection to your feeds :wink:

Creative problem solving.

good bye


I’d be rather afraid to stretch the band more than it is already stretched by my foot. Apart from that, the idea sounds good.