iPhone XS Max/ Hi-Hat

iPhone XS Max/ Hi-Hat


No problem as we’ve all been waiting for months for this to be resolved another couple of weeks won’t hurt


I see that you’re looking at making other products don’t you think you could help everybody with an Apple product to get their devices working correctly with their purchases that they’ve got from you where we are still having difficulties using them as I can see a lot of your time is been concentrated with windows and android but you haven’t spent enough time sorting out the issues and concerns that apple uses and OS X users have


As the main problem is still a issue with the hi hat open and close sensor and I’ve had this issue since I purchased my senses from you on Kickstarter and the problem is still not been resolved this is very unprofessional from you and your team
And I believe this problem is not just with me is with other users of your product I have the latest software the latest updates and at the time of purchasing your device since then I haven’t even purchased the latest Apple phone believing that that is where the problem lied


Hello Michael,
We totally understand that you are annoyed with the Hi Hat bug. This bug was not easy to fix because we were not able to reproduce it. We finally found the problem and made the fix. We are happy to say that we just push to Apple our new version of the app. They have to validate it now. By experience, I think that the app will be live in 3 days max now (crossed fingers).

Concerning the other points, IOS users are as important as the Android one. Our priority is to give to all our clients the best experience as possible.
We gonna hired a new IOS DEV, so things will move faster than the past.
We have a lot of ideas and big improvements for the app !

Thanks for your patience and your understanding again



The app will be in the store today, Apple just validate it.
Stay tuned !



That’s a great start I will be looking forward to receiving this but it’s about time you concentrate all your resources on Apple and iOS solutions
Thanks :pray:


@Michael @Momantai @Babice could you try the new version of the app (and the firmwares) and tell me if you can now enjoy the hi hat pedal please ?


Thanks for getting back to me I will try sensors tonight when I get home and hopefully fingers crossed all is successful :crossed_fingers:


Hi Jerome
I have good news now sensors are working
Hi-Hat open and close are working
We got there in the end and I hope all iOS users and apple users can now use all 4 sensors as designed to do so.
Big thanks to you and your team


Good news. After updating my sensors to V 0.1.7 and the app the hihat works as it should.
I found that the elastic foot braces let the sensors “flap” on your foot when used as shown. This causes extra triggers. It’s better to use the elastic going over the sensor. This holds the sensor firmly to the foot. Much less extra “hits”.


@Momantai Using the elastic over the sensor is indeed a good hack :wink: