Latency / set up question

Hi there,
Father Christmas delivered Senstroke kit to our house :). It’s great. My son is using an iPad pro with it but its a few years old (2016 I think). We think we get noticeable latency with the app - though neither of us are drummers. I read somewhere you can disable animations to improve it a bit but can’t find that option (maybe that was a previous app version). Is there anything else we could / should do to improve it? Do you expect lower latency with MacOs if I use that instead?


Hello @willg, and welcome into the Redison community !

The possibility to disable animations to improve latency was only available for Android users. If you want a better experience, you can play with Garageband on your iPad.
Here is how to do it :
You will then use our Senstroke app only to setup your sensors, and switch to Garageband to play.

You can also play on MacOS with Garageband following our tutorial

Thanks P-A, that’s helpful. What I don’t understand from the tutorial is how much of the set up to do - so for example do you configure the drum kit you want in the senstroke app. Will that then translate to how it behaves with Garageband - like if we want toms set up somewhere for example?

This is kinda like that yes. If you setup, for example, a drumkit with Snare/Kick, hi hat, 2 cymbals, then it will transfer on the drumkit in Garageband if it has those elements.