Logic Pro X Vst Plugin?

I would love to see you develop a plugin for Logic Pro x. It then would take your product to the next level.
From all of us at https://www.protectivefences.co.uk

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Hi Michael,

Yes that could be very great ! To be honest we do not have the ressource right now to do it soon.
In the meantime, you can setup your kit with our app, then kill the app and easily connect your sensors to Logic Pro x (https://www.senstroke.com/tutorial-how-to-use-senstroke-sensors-with-garageband-on-ios/).

Hope that help


Michael, I had the same comment about developing a VST.

Jerome, it seems like there is a potentially profitable new product here (hint, hint) : )


Which kind of features would you need with a vst Plugin ? A standalone version of the app ?

Yes, though preferably not limited to working with EZDrummer. If fact, since it’s quite easy to play a midi file and/or midi sequencer with samplers and drum synthesizers, and since EZDrummer already exists as a VST, you might avoid including drum kits within the VST altogether. Ideally, I would want the ability to write to a midi file, or at a minimum be able to export a midi file from the Senstroke VST. Though now that I think about it, one can set the track to record midi output, so maybe there is not a need.

The main thing is to harness Senstroke’s power to recognize different playing zones and assign different midi notes to them.

Thanks for entertaining this idea, Jerome!

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Yes would be to record midi notation and too tigger samples off. And would be good to import samples to like Logic’s EXS 24. And edit drum samples and Changing a drum note’s pitch.And you could also put within your plug-in the various selection of drum kits for various styles genres

Thanks guys for the ideas!
When we will able to work on it, we ´ll take your needs inside.
On the Android app you can actually manage and export your drum sessions into midi files. In few months we ll do the same on Ios, I think that could help you to wait until the vst.