Pairing doesn´t work

Pairing doesn´t work


Galaxy S6 Android 7.0 . Pairing inside app doesn´t work. Sensors are blinking blue, but app doesn´t find them.
So annoying so far. Everything seems so unfinished and one sensor has a lose button. I´m really pissed.


Some sensors have some trouble with the button. The plastic fixation is a little bit too small so when you shake it that make noise. We apologize for that.
Concerning the bug on Android I think that it has been fixed. Do you have turn on the GPS and give the to the app all the permissions as required? Other users suceed like this. There are some threads about this Android problem.

Tell me


After switching from senstroke app to android settings (GPS etc.) i can´t go back to the app. I´m stuck at the gps settings. I have to restart the app again. My sensors have be found, but after starting to configure them, the app crashed and i can´t find the sensors aynmore.


@Clement Will help you soon.
Do you have the last version of our app?


0.0.17. Installed from google play store.


Hello @AWDO
Do you set your gps in High Accuracy ?


I´m checking now the update.

Got a connection to the sensors for a short time. After a quick trial it makes no fun to play with 0,5sec latency.


BTW i have a pixel C, GPS is active, in high accuracy, nevertheless, the app goes to the settings screen and refuses to leave it, so i don’t know if the sensors are detected or not…


Samsung a5 confirm, the settings screen can’t be left without ending the app.


Hello @Xris_Wraith
I’m looking at this problem today.


Can i get my money back? The app is crap. Sometimes sensors are being found, then not. App crashes, there are no interactive, personalized lessons and it´s far away from being something like a finished product.
I understand, that you had problems with the manufacture with missing some parts and the delays. Not your fault. But the state of the app is just pre alpha and it makes no fun at all. I simply don´t want to waste my time anymore on that.



I understand that 50ms with your smartphone is not playable, there are other way to enjoy the play mode (computer or more recent phones for example).
We are very reactive and try to resolve bugs as soon as our community give us. Concerning your troubles if you want we can investigate ? Maybe the sensors are off when you try to connect them ? (because today sensors turns off really fast).
Personalized lessons are not available.

If really you don’t want your product anymore, could you send an email to for your request ?