Plans for a Senstroke VST for use in DAW's?


Congratulations for creating such a well-made product. I can connect the sensors to my macbook, and the latency is virtually nil, and the sensitivity is great. Cheers!

I do not make music with an iPad or Android phone, but only on my macbook. Do you have any plans to create a VST similar to the Senstroke app? It would be great to be able to play multiple instruments in my DAW (Reaper) like we can in iOS.




Can someone please reply? Thanks!

Hello Dave,

Thanks for your feedback and very sorry for my very late reply.
Your idea is very good. Actually we do not have schedule this kind of development, we focus on smartphone dev, but we hope be able to move forward on your idea this year.

Which smartphone do you have ?


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Hi Jerome,

Thanks for the quick reply. Good news that a VST is in the works! I think this will be an important development for people who want to take advantage of the Senstroke’s full potential.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 and an iPad, but I do not use them for music production. I have the Senstroke app for my iPad but I haven’t tried it much so far, since the Macbook (running the Reaper DAW) is my production platform. But the Senstroke sensors work pretty well in Reaper. Very low latency.


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