Problem with zone configuration

Hi together!
I already wanted to ask about this earlier, but didn’t find the time to post the topic, so it might have been fixed/improved already. It’s actually two bugs I encountered. (Samsung Galaxy A5, Android 8.0)

So first I calibrated the Senstrokes and set up my drumming zones.
Then I chose to change the drumming zones, which should actually delete the previous set up.

  1. After playing for a while with the new setup (which worked fine) suddenly while playing there was no sound anymore from one of the Senstrokes and then the sound changed to the sound of another playing zone.
  2. Then additionally to this some other sound of the previous set up was as well playing (which I didn’t configure in the new set up). After some playing it finally changed back to my calibrated set up.

I also put that problem in the video, I hope that explains those two bugs better:


Thanks for your feedback.
How many zones had you setup on this video and where were there ?

I had set up 3 zones One for each leg and one in the middle.
I calibrated them with both sticks pointing in the same direction (like in the instruction video).
Sometimes this seems to happen as well, if you put down the sticks and start then playing again.

All right, thank you.
If the sensor does not emulate any sound for a while and/or if at some point the sound is not the right one, it means that the sensor is “lost”.
A sensor can be lost in the following cases:

  • you have made a too loose gesture or turned the chopsticks
  • you hit a surface too hard

in all cases we have integrated a feature that allows the sensor to recover its environment in a few seconds. Just wait 4 to 5 seconds for the sensor to stop normally.

That makes sense ?

Oh okay, yes that makes sense! I will wait a few seconds if that happens the next time and see wether it recovers.
Thank you for the explanation @Jerome
Would it be possible to show via the LED it the Senstroke is in that “lost” state? Just to see when it recovers back again.

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