Recording Problem - Ableton 10.1 w/ Senstroke MAC OS

Hey folks,

is anyone of you familiar with recording problems in Ableton?
I recieve MIDI Notes when playing but when i press record, no MIDI Notes are “written” to the piano roll.
I was wondering if anyone of you got the same problem. It’s really sad because you have to record the audio and you’re not able to record and see the MIDI notes in the piano roll.

System: Mojave 10.14
Ableton: 10.1
Senstrokes: newst firmware

Thanks for your help!


Are you able to write MIDI notes manually ?
Did you try with another DAW (just for check) ?
It is actually working well for us, maybe a software configuration probleme :thinking:

Hey P-A,

thanks for your answer. Software configuration should be fine, because i’ve also tested the Sensors with my Live 9 Version and was able to record the notes there - same configuration.

As soon as i play with another MIDI device while recording - MIDI notes in the piano roll are written.

I’ve also prompted Ableton Support - just to make sure that they did not major MIDI signal changes in 10.1.

Do you guys run Live 10.1 as well?


Yes, we are running Ableton 10.1 too, but we will test it again with MAC OS and see if it works from our side !

Ableton 10.1 does not recognize / record MIDI Inputs when the difference of the Note On - Note Off delays is under about 10ms.
I think that’s the point. The Note On - Off switch and the MIDI messages of Senstrokes are a way too fast.
I could fix that with a quick workaround. Second MIDI Channel - Note On Length MIDI Effect - raised the Note On length to 10ms and then send the MIDI to my other Drumrack channel.

Just to let you know.

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Thanks a lot for your point !
We might have a look to this in a future update, along with others features to optimize latency.