Senspad : our new product is available on Kickstarter!

Senspad : our new product is available on Kickstarter!

Hello there !
Our new product, Senspad, is now available on Kickstarter !

Senspad is the first wireless connected and scalable drumpad. We are counting on you to make it a success !

Bonjour à tous !
Notre nouveau produit, Senspad, est maintenant disponible sur Kickstarter !

Senspad est le premier pad de batterie sans fil connecté et évolutif. Nous comptons sur vous pour en faire un succès !

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Can’t wait! I already signed up.


thanks a lot for your support !

Just backed Drum Kit - First Bird on Kickstarter let’s hope this will work with Logic Pro X :+1::+1::+1:

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Thanks a lot, we appreciate :smiley:
It will :slight_smile:

You will have to put a link up where you got those senspad stands from In the video look cool :+1:

Hi I have a question. How soft and quiet is the Senspad when you are hitting the surface? Regarding to other pads? Som drum pads has a really hard surface and thus make a lot of noise.

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That depends on the drumpad you are using.
Senspad is much quieter than Remo stands, for example, but it can be compared to others in terms of noise.

Difficult to say :slight_smile: