Senstroke, great job!

Hi Redison Team !

I bought Senstroke for my son’s birthday, and honestly, it is a great product. He is very happy and he knows how to use it :smiley:

I had to help him configure it the first time, but now he can use it alone. I am glad that companies like yours find great ideas, and I am happy tht my son plays drums with Senstroke instead of video games :slight_smile:


Hello @Moktar, and welcome !

Thanks a lot, we appreciate your message :smiley:
It is a real pleasure to know that your son enjoys the sensors.

How old is he ? Did he take drum lessons ?


My son is 9 years old. He takes some lessons since 2 years, and his teacher is really impressed with Senstroke.
Now he can play during the evening without making noise !

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We are really happy that your son loves Senstroke sensors :grinning:

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