Senstroke release and delivery?

Senstroke release and delivery?


Hi Redison team !

When do you think we will get our sensors ?


Hi @Jackdrums !
We are waiting some parts of the sensors. Once we’ll get them, we will be able to send them to the customers.
You should get your Senstroke in September or October at the latest :slight_smile:


Hi Redison team,

It is now end of October, what percentage of orders have been shipped?

Can’t wait to receive mine


Hi @Mark !
We have shipped our first orders during October, and our biggest delivery is coming. You should be delivered quite soon now :slight_smile:


Still waiting too… :slightly_smiling_face:


We are really sorry and we thank you for your patience.
We are still shipping as many orders as we can, we hope that you will get your sensors soon !



Do you have a number, how many units you have already sent? Just to have an approximation if there is any chance that my unit is in one of the next batches.

You are quite unclear in your answers, if you will send a conformation mail or if just a mail by the postal service will be sent (which could be unlikely to arrive).

Which service will you use for shippment to germany (just to have an idea at which time I should be at home, as they do have different times they typically deliver here).

Thank you!



We have shipped your order this morning. You will get an email tomorrow with the tracking number.
Could you confirm please ?

All the orders on Indiegogo and Kickstarter for 4 or 5 sensors in Europe have been ship.




This sounds great! I will keep you informed and hope I will post a few videos with the senstroke.




If all Kickstarter-orders are shipped, shouldn’t I have gotten a tracking number by now?
What adress has the mail been sent from?




All the Kickstarter-orders are not shipped. We almost done the European one (European Union).

Where are you from ?



I’m in Sweden :slight_smile:

I read “All the orders on Indiegogo and Kickstarter for 4 or 5 sensors in Europe have been ship.” as them being shipped. I do believe I have 4 sensors in my order


Any news on the shipping?
Last update was 21st of November


Yes and a good one. We shipped it this morning


Similarly here, backed on Kickstarter, filled the questionnaire, I’m located in Poland but still haven’t received the tracking number. Could you please help?


nevermind, just received the courier email :smiley: