Senstroke Updater for IOS - Where?

Can someone link me to where IOS in the USA can download the Senstroker Updater? I cannot find anything in the App store other than the Senstroke main app. No updater app. Just the main app. My sensors are not calibrating (they are detecting, just can’t calibrate and they won’t actually work). Kickstarter version, latest Senstroke app on my Iphone.

Thank you!

Hello Dummer,
The Senstroke updater is no longer available. You can directly update the sensors with the main app (both IOS and Android).
You just have to download the last version of the Senstroke app, sign in, turn on your sensors, connect them to the app into the sensor screen and wait for the update.
If no update appears that mean that your sensors are up to date.

Could you try it and confirm to me that’s ok ?