Senstrokeconnect not recognizing every sensor

The Sensorconnect is not recognizing every sensor and once I was able to have them calibrated in the senstroke app, the app directly crashed (I have a pretty new laptop -->lenovo) I hope to receive some helpful feedback here,

Hello @maba8172
Sensorconnect is not recignizing every sensor --> in order to connect the Senstroke sensors to Windows, you have to connect them with the bluetooth device manager from Windows 10. Once your sensors are connected to Windows like that, they appear in Sensorconnect

The app crash : the Sensorconnect app ? So once you have calibrate your sensor on mobile, the app on Windows crashed, or the app on mobile ?
The sensor’s calibration should not impact any crash in the app, so we try to figure what can makes the app crash :slight_smile: