[Solved] Advanced Mode broken?

New user here, tried to search for this issue, but it appears I am the only one having it. I cannot toggle the lock off to enter advanced mode. I have the latest version of the software, and am on the latest iOS firmware (13.1.1) is this the problem?

I tried on both my iPhone which is iOS 13.1.1 and my iPad Mini 4 which is on iOS 13.1 and neither would enter advanced mode or toggle the lock.

The button just seems inoperable, unless there is a secret method of toggling the lock…

Can anyone help? Beginner mode just doesn’t work for me at all and I’m dying to play with these sensors!

Thanks in advance to anyone who reads this!


Hi Scott,
The problem comes from the iOS 13 update, so our dev team just launched a patch for iOS 13, we are just waiting for Apple to validate it :wink: !

New update works perfect!
Thanks so much for the incredibly speedy response and fix!
Have a wonderful day!