[Solved] Android App not showing any sensor


I’m trying to connect the sensors with the Senstroke app, but in the connection screen it keeps loading and does not show any of the sensors. I can see sensors in Android’s system bluetooth settings screen.

I’m having this issue with Pixel 3 XL and Android 9.

What do I have to do in order to connect the sensors to the app?



Hello @tmkilla

Do you use the latest version of the app ?

If yes, have you test again since you post that message ?

Can you explain what’s you do exactly for reproduce that problem ?

Can you test with an other phone to test if the problem is about android 9, Pixel 3 XL or the app ?

I’m looking to the issue and comeback here when I’ll find the problem.



Version 0.0.20 seems to solve the issue, connectivity has been established successfully now.

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Happy to read that.
Don’t forget to share us your video