[Solved] Android Senstroke Updater Problem

I’ve downloaded this week the Senstroke Updater for my Samsung Galaxy A5 with Android 8.0.
When trying to update the sensors with the app on firmware 1.01 I get the message
“An error has occurred. Please try again later.”
after a few seconds. The sensors have that bug where they don’t turn green after charging.


Hello @Dodger
Have you update the Senstroke Updater ?
I update the app yesterday.

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Oh, no I haven’t done this yet. I will try and edit an update.

No problem, if you have any problem with the new version, please come back here.
We’ll can find a solution to your problem

The new update solved it.
Thank you for the info! :slight_smile:

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Happy to read that :slight_smile:
Thanks, if you can share a nice video of you using the app :wink:

Hey here is some quick testing with the new Firmware update :smile:


Great set up, but you need more cowbell :joy:
Could you add it please to the topic « share us your video » please ?

There can be never too much cowbell :grin:
Sure, I will post it there as well!