Unable to access api.senstroke.com from Russia

Hello everyone! Is it normal that I can’t sign in/sign up to Senstroke app from Russia? As I see, https://api.senstroke.com is unavailable from there, but it works well via proxy. I’ve tried several carriers - the result is the same. I see no restrictions to order Senstroke packages to there, so I’m surprized and discouraged. Could you please help me to resolve the issue? Thanks in advance, Andrey.

Hello @aazzarazza,
We made some research and it seems that the ip adress is blocked in Russia.

We actually cannot solve this problem because it is up to the Russian government :confused:


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Clement, thank you for reply!

I’ve checked http://blocklist.rkn.gov.ru for your addresses and found no entries in blocklists. But api.senstroke.com is still unavailable for me.

My new question is: will your Android app require permanent/periodical access to your API host after I sign up in it? Can it be used to play Senstroke without internet access?

hi @aazzarazza
They don’t block the domain name, but the ip of the server… I can’t give you the ip but they just block it.

Android app only require access for the login/register part for now but can change later.
You have to log in with VPN and after you can stop the VPN for all the app. If you don’t logout you don’t need internet for auto login.

If you have any other question tell me


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