Well done guys, Senstroke is really awesome

Hi Redison Team,
You probably don’t remember me, I met you at the Namm Show this year.

Remember the guy who thought senstroke was worse than air battery? Since then I put Freedrum in a drawer :slight_smile:

I wanted to congratulate you guys, the latest updates of the learning mode are really great.

What are the next ones?

Keep up the good work!


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Hi James!
Welcome onboard and thanks for your message. We do remember you, and specially our long discussion about « real » drumming!
Glad to hear that you enjoy Senstroke :blush:

We are working as we used to on a lot of new updates. The updates scheduled for this summer :

  • new firmware (crosstick and Rimshot !)
  • new updatewith more lessons and cool features to learn and practice drums :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Jerome,

Does-it mean that I will able to play bossa nova rhythms ??


Can’t wait !

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Yes bossa nova, jazz etc…
That’s coming very soon !