[IOS] App Update 1.0.3

New features !

  • Creation of a simple mode with a pre-recorded kit that allows you to play in a few seconds.
  • New user tutorial
  • Possibility to automatically reload the last kit used in the sensors
  • Various bug fixes

Nouveautés !

  • Création d’un mode simple avec un kit pré-enregistré vous permettant de jouer en quelques secondes.
  • Nouveau tutoriel d’utilisation.
  • Possibilité de recharger automatiquement le dernier kit utilisé dans les capteurs.
  • Corrections de bugs divers.

On my iPad (IOS 12.1.4 , the latest):
I installed the new version 1.0.3. after deleting the older version.
The app starts with a black display showing the word “Senstroke”.
Next, the display turns upside down ? Even if I lock “screen rotation” in IOS.
The display does not follow when I rotate my iPad.

On my iPhone 5C (IOS 10.3.3):
I hold my phone upright, start the app. The app says “Senstroke” and then turns the display sideways. When I turn my phone 180 degrees, the display does not rotate.

The app is not “rotation aware” ?

:sob: We do not have these bugs here again.
If you start your app in the Landscape mode on your ipad and Iphone, what’s happen ?

Always when I start the app it comes with the text “Senstroke” correctly.That is: upright no matter how I hold my iPad. That is correct behaviour.

Next the screen with the drumset appears. This screen always turns such that it is correct when the iPad pushbutton is on the right side.

When I start the app with the pushbutton on the left, the drumset appears correct but immediately it turns 180 degrees to upside down. I then have to rotate my iPad to use the app.

It does not rotate when I rotate the iPad.

Hey Momantai,

I’ll respond to this for the benefit of other users since we already exchanged over it.

  • The behavior you describe is correct (not a bug), because the application is targeted at iPhone users, and designed so that the side button be on top rather than on the bottom.
  • iPad isn’t a supported target yet, but we plan to extend the app to iPad as soon as we can, as it turns out we have some users who prefer iPad over the iPhone.
  • After exchanging with you, I added a setting on 1.0.4 that enables the user to lock the side they prefer.

Timeline of rotation-awareness:

  • Until 1.02, the app disabled the portrait orientation, but could run on LandscapeLeft and LandscapeRight.
  • In 1.03, the addition of the AppStore dialog to download the SenstrokeUpdater required PortraitMode to be enabled, and we chose to restrict Landscape to LandscapeLeft since it made most sense on iPhone.
  • In 1.04, we added a Setting to lock the preferred side, but the app is set to auto-rotate if for some reason the user turns the iPhone upside-down during play, but we might add code to disable auto-rotation if it annoys people in a later update.

Don’t hesitate to communicate back over any bug or enhancement you need looked at!