[SOLVED] First experiences

I use the software on an iPad with IOS 12. The app installed easy and I could calibrate all my sensors. I made 20 cm rubberfoam disks to be used as targets for snare, hi-hat, tom and cymbals.

I found that you need to have different ANGLES (horizontal and/or vertical) to have a good detection of which pad is detected. When your stick points in more or less the same direction to two pads the software gets confused. I have my pads as far apart as on a regular drumset. Also my cymbals are higher than the toms.
I have no latency problems.

The red light stays on after the sensors are charged 100%. Reconnecting makes the light turn green.

You don’t have to calibrate the sensors every time.

I had to slim down my sticks (Vic Firth 7A) in order to fit the sensors.

I already reported the problem with configuring the hi-hat pedal.

It would be nice if the configuration is saved. Then you only have to configure next time if you change the setup (different angles, different assignments).

More drumsounds to choose from please ?

I’m looking forward to the sofware/firmware updates …

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Thanks for this great review. Maybe could you share to the community a little video ?
We are gonna launch the updater application in 1week or 2 (with the new firmware).

Have you try to use it with Garage Band (on your Ipad), the sounds are really awesome.
Here is how to do that : https://www.senstroke.com/tutorial-how-to-use-senstroke-sensors-with-garageband-on-ios/


I have not tried Garageband yet. I don’t use it often somit takes some time to understand how everything works…

By the way: Do the sensors use absolute or relative angles ? I mean can I rotate my drumset and seat without having to re-calibrate or not ?

Yes you can, that’s relative angles.

Just to understand how things work and avoid mistakes while setting up: Do the sensors measure “distance” so you can differentiate between pads nearby and further away using the same angles ?

Possibly this has all passed on the forum before but…
I try to read and understand all the French messages but I’m a Dutchman. My French is not that good.

No measure of the distance, you really need to use different angles. Have you saw our first tutorial ?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXUFcPfSTnw As you can see, when you play, you can use “normal” angles.
We are gonna post a new video with other setup.

My deutsch is worst than your French :slight_smile:

Ok, I will optimize my pad locations for angles.
As soon as you fix the hi-hat pedal issue I’ll be a happy drummer !

Did you update the senstroke to enjoy the hi hat fix?

Hi there,
No not yet. I use IOS equipment so I’m waiting for the IOS version of the updater.
Have you released it already (then I missed it) ?

Yes right here :

That’s new, we will post a message tomorrow

I found it in the Appstore. I’m going to try it…

Ok, I updated all my sensors. They now have firmware version 1.01.

Next I tried to re-calibrate them. No success. The first phase (holding the sensor still) works (a checkmark is shown) but the second phase (“rotating” the sensor) never ended succesfully. None of the sensors came through calibration.

Then I configured my “kit”. On the display the hi-hat pedal now works. Unfortunately the pedal just makes the same sound as hitting the hi-hat with a stick. That’s not how the pedal should work (open/close the hat).

Oh, by the way, I run the original app (1.0.1). I suppose there are no IOS updates for it.

More work to be done … ?

Really strange, that work well here. Do you have other app open ? May I suggest you to reboot your phone and keep only the Senstroke app ?
For the rotating calibration, you have to take your sensors and rotate them in all the directions on the x,y and z axis.

To enjoy the hi hat pedal, you must have to click on the hi hat pedal to access to the setup of it. What you described seems to be only the cymbal zone of the hi hat.


The Senstroke app was the only program running on my iPad.
Before the updates I had no problem with (re-) calibrating the sensors.
The sensors were the only bluetooth devices in the neighbourhood.
I did click the hi-hat pedal to configure it. Even before I configured the hi-hat cymbal zone for the sticks. When I operate the pedal with my left foot, I see the pedal is pushed down on the iPad display. But it sounds like hitting the cymbal zone with a stick. When I hit the cymbal zone with a stick the sound does not change with pedal up or down.

I sure hope you and I can fix this hi-hat thing. I am a heavy hi-hat user on my acoustic kit. There are so many (sound-)possibilities with a hi-hat. Many rock drummers keep it closed forever. I’m not one of them, hahaha

Did you saw the screen with the setup of the pedal (closed and open position) ?
https://www.senstroke.com/senstroke-setup/ (5.2)

We are under IOS here, with the same firmware and we play without problem with the hi hat pedal.

No, it just says the sensor is now configured. Nothing about up/down. I guess the app doesn’t take the correct path in the configuration setup. It looks very much like the right foot (bass drum) setup.

I carefully read the calibration and setup instructions on the site before I even tried to use the sensors. I know many people just start trying things, but I am one of those (very few) guys that read the instruction manual before even switching something on.

I’m also a research type of person. I’ll keep trying things until they work, so I’m going to do the whole setup again from scratch and hope for better results. I’ll keep you informed…

Ok, I did the whole procedure again. The results:

Calibration went ok. I found that you really need to rotate with large angles (over 60 degrees) over all axis to make it a success. Smaller angles don’t work, the calibration never stops if you don’t use large angles…

I successfully calibrated 4 sensors.

Now the configuration. I configured a snare, a normal cymbal, the hi-hat cymbal and the kickdrum first. Everything went as expected. Except for the kickdrum I had to use both sticks on the “zones”.

But when I tried to configure the hi-hat pedal it showed me the hi-hat stand and asked for left and right hand sticks (not for up/down of the right foot). Now I had two options: Cancel or Ignore. Ignore produced an error telling me that the sensor could not be configured.

Any suggestions ?

That’s really really strange. With the kick drum you don’t have to hit anything with the sticks, for both the hi hat pedal.
Could you please send us a video capture of what you do ? (you can do that with the record functionnality of your OS)


I made two movies.
In the first I used my sticks to get through the configuration of the hi-hat pedal. In the second I went back without finishing the hi-hat pedal. This gave the warning when I started the snare configuration. I had to start the snare again to configure it.

I hope this gives you more information…

Did you get the recordings ?
Mm, I don’t think so. The upload refuses to send them because of the video format ?