[SOLVED] First experiences

[SOLVED] First experiences


Could you send us with wetransfer at support@redison.com please ?


Yes, I’ll try that…


Ok, WeTransfer did the job. I hope the recordings make sense to you…


We did not get the email.


I sent the files to support@redison.com and WeTransfer sent me a message that it was succesful.

Oh and something I just noticed:
The leds on all sensors stay red after charging. Only after disconnect/reconnect they light up green and stay green. This should have been solved in the update I think ?


Got it, it was in a spam box. Thanks. We need to investigate to reproduce the bug you have (no problem with my phone).
Concerning the led, after updated the firmware and charge it 3hours it was still red?


Yes it was still red. Maybe it was less than 3 hours, but when I unplugged and replugged the light stayed green. That means it was fully charged I suppose. Maybe the light turns green after a fixed time of 3 hours and is not dependant on battery status ?


Today I did a test. I took a sensor with an already almost fully charged battery (only 10 minutes use after last long charge) and conncted it to the charger. The light started green and after a short moment it turned red.

After just over 3 hours it turned green again. Is it correct that the sensor always uses a 3 hour timer when the battery starts charging no matter how “full” it already is ?

Only when the battery does not need charging the light stays green when I plug in the adapter.



Yes it is. With this way we are sure that the charge is correctly done.

I have to test the hi hat on an ipad, because I made a lot of test with my Iphone and I do not have the same problems as yours. Do you have the possibility to test on an iphone too ?


Yes, but my iPhone is an old 5C model. I’ll do some testing…


Ok, I did some testing.
I downloaded the app (I never had it on my phone before)
Turned on bluetooth, started the app and started the sensors one by one. Everything OK.

Next I confugured a kit: Hihat, hihat pedal, snare.
It, again, asked for left/right hand when trying to configure the pedal…

I tried to configure kits several times. Always the hihat pedal asks for left/right hand and sometimes I get the error message after trying the pedal.

The app reacts slightly different on phone and ipad. Maybe because of different IOS versions. The phone has 10.3, the iPad 12.1.1 (Apple won’t let me upgrade the iPhone 5C anymore). For instance, the pedal lights up after configuration on the phone, not on the iPad (although it sometimes moves and always makes sound when I use the sensor).

Is it normal that the app already produces sounds when I hit with the sensors BEFORE configuration ?


Thanks for all your tests !

Yes, because by default the sensors get in memory the previous setup, so when you hit things you have the older setup.

Could, you please start a new setup kit with 4 sensors (left, righ hand, left foot and hi hat foot), and choose first the hi hat pedal please ?


Ok, I will make another movie this evening.

A stupid question maybe…:
Are you sure the app version in the App Store (the one I use) is the same as the one you are using ?


I just sent you two more movies.
In both movies I configured the pedal first and other things (hihat, snare) later.
In the first movie I used the sticks to satisfy the configuration (no error message). The pedal hilights on the display.
In the second movie I calcelled the configuration and tried the snare next. This gave me the error message and I had to start the configuration of the snare again. The pedal does not highlight but sounds anyway.

In the sounds you can hear that using the sticks gives the same sound as the pedal. On the display you sometimes see the cymbal or snare move a little bit when hit, but not always.


We have the same version.
Could you try to desinstall the app, reboot your phone, re-install the app and try again please ?


Yes, I will do that this evening.
Did you get the last to video’s ?


Yes thanks.
The problem seem to be still the same, you app consider your feet sensors as hand sensors.


Ok, I tried again. I de-installed the app, turned off the iPad,… wait a few seconds…, reboot the IPad, reload the app.
Start the app, switch the sensors on one by one. Tried to configure the hihat pedal first. Still the same: it asks me for my left/right hand. When I cancel it comes up with message at the next element that is confugured.

On my iPhone I did the same with the same results.

I have 5 sensors. I tried the 5th sensor for the pedal instead of the one I used before. Same result. Somehow it always “thinks” that the pedal needs hands. When I use the hand sticks to make the configuration a success the pedal works both with sticks and the left foot (all three sensors send the same midi hihat code ?)


One other thing I noticed:
Always when I power-up the 4th sensor (left foot) the app shows a menu where I have to choose between hihat pedal or double kickdrum pedal. I always choose “hihat”. The menu then closes and a checkmark with “The role has changed” appears.
But I never change the role, it is always hihat…


When you hit the floor with your feet sensors, do you hear the sound of the bass drum and the hi hat « chink »?