[SOLVED] First experiences

[SOLVED] First experiences


bYes I do. Not only sound but the kickdrum pedal moves on the display. The hihat pedal is not always active on the display, but there is always sound.
Correction: The pedal does not always work.

I can do more tests if you like.


I did a small test:
Turn on the app, turn on all 4 sensors. Tried to configure the pedal which came up with left/right hand as usual.Cancelled the pedal configuration.
Next configured the snare. It failed the first time (the message about the pedal popped up which cancels the process), but the second time was ok.
After configuration the snare is highlighted on the display.
I started Play. The snare works with the hands, ok. The pedal also makes the “chinck” and the (not highlighted) pedal moves on the display.


The bug is fixed, I close the topic.