Senstroke vs Freedrum and Android compatibility

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I’ve been eyeing this since quite some time, and now is the time! The only thing is that I’m still hesitating between Senstroke and Freedrum. I’ve heard very good things from both, but I didn’t find any article or video comparing both products.

What would be the advantages of Senstroke over Freedrum? I saw that Freedrum was for air drumming, can Senstroke do that as well, or just with hard surfaces? Conversely, would maybe Senstroke be better at managing pads, rebounds, and generally hitting surfaces than Freedrum?

Another point that I’m not sure about is the compatibility with my phone, I have a Wiko View Max, and for example the Freedrum app says there could be problems with my phone because of no “Pro audio” while the Senstroke app reports less than 45 ms of latency, are both products using completely different technology, or is it MIDI over BlueTooth for both?

I’d be grateful for opinions from Senstroke users and people who may have used both products :slight_smile:

Hello @flo-pjde

Senstroke allows you to play on any surface. It manage the rebound, so you can feel sensation of real drumming with MIDI over Bluetooth.
We do not manage air drumming : this is why we think that Senstroke and Freedrum are for a totally different purpose.

For your phone, if our Senstroke app says less than 45 ms, then it is playable.
You can also play easily on Windows 10, iOS or Mac OS, that allow you to have optimal latency.
Our tutorials can be found here, and are soon coming on YouTube :

We hope we’ve answered your questions, feel free to ask if you have another :wink:

@P-A, thanks for your detailed answer :slight_smile: Now I have to figure out if I want to do air drumming or drumming on pads and cushions!

I tested my phone, and it was at 45-46 ms of latency, so I don’t really know, but I guess I’ll have to get an Apple product for it to work best.

You are welcome :slight_smile:

Apple product have better latency, because there is few smartphones, contrary to Android.
With 45 ms, you will have a bit of latency while playing, but you can also connect your sensors with Windows DAW, like Reaper or EZdrummer for example.

@P-A The only thing is that I’m on Linux, and I’d rather not spend a week trying to connect the sensors to my laptop haha so I guess I’ll have to invest in an iPad dedicated to that :slight_smile:

Well, an iPad works perfectly in terms of Latency.
As for Linux, we are working on a Windows soft, so it will be a bit later

I actually have Freedrums and they are great for both air drumming and playing with pads. I do not know much about Senstroke but would mention the compatibility with Freedrum is amazing on android, logic pro, garageband and their app gets better and better!


We have been able to test Freedrum sensors. We do make 2 differents solutions : FD is more Air-drumming focused, where Senstroke is Real Drumming focused.
As both FD and Senstroke app are using MIDI over Bluetooth, Senstroke is compatible with all DAW you mentionned too :wink:

Do you have any questions about Senstroke ? I will be happy to answer you :slight_smile: !

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Well not really! Thank you for the clarification! Its cool to see different companies in this virtual drumming field!

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FYI!! [Tutorial] How to connect your Senstrokes to Hydrogen on Linux

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